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We offer training in swift water rescue instructors with guaranteed and certified by Rescue 3 International, for further courses and renew expired certificates at international level.

This course provides the basics for survival, self-rescue and rescue of persons at risk in fast water bodies; They are directed to professionals such as: Kayaking and rafting guides, park rangers, search and rescue personnel, firefighters, civil defense, Red Cross, anglers, national police among others.

Students acquire knowledge in hydrology, classification of whitewater, control- handling and management of situations and scenarios, risk management and obstacles, floods and flooded cars, practices and skills in self-rescue and rescue of victims, swimming in water fast, handling and use of rescue equipment, knots, anchors, among other systems, depending on the type and level of the course.

Some courses meet the requirements for technical level of NFPA 1670: Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents and NFPA 1006: Standard for Rescue Technician Professional Qualifications in the area of ​​water.

For more information on the courses and topics go to:

If you are interested in any of these courses please contact us, because the dates and places are limited.



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Now you can learn this fascinating sport from the hand of expert instructors. Whitewater Rivers has become one of the adventure sports has grown faster in the last decade. This is no accident, since there is nothing like the feeling of freedom and privacy of magnificent walking and wild rivers.

San Gil and surroundings you will find the suitable for kayaking, whether to get started or to improve your skill level instead. We have a variety of rivers ideal for this sport, providing a wide range of variety of levels, from class I-II-III to more challenging Class V rapids, allowing you to achieve a gradual learning progress.

Thousands of rivers around the world are waiting for. Colombia Rafting Expeditions offers you get started in this exciting sport together with our best instructors.


In the entry-level courses you start familiarizing yourself with the kayak and all equipment. These courses begin with an introductory period in calm waters where the basic movements are learned to control the boat. As you gain confidence we go deeper into the streams, ending with the descent of a river easy.

Course topics:

  • Brief history of the sport
  • To know the personal computer
  • Knowing the parts of a Kayak
  • Security In the river  
  • Auto Rescue  
  • Practice different strokes to the riverbank
  • Use of strokes to make a ferry and take a eddy
  • Learn to read the river
  • Learn the art of roll: Learn a strong and effective roll to gain confidence in the water. Our instructors will teach you the proper way to perform this important technique. We will instruct on the basics of skimo roll by focusing and attention to the correct position of the oar and accuracy in body movement.

Availability: Every day except in high seasons.

Duration: 3 days (4 hours per day).

Location:  Fonce River

Requirements: For this course, students should be able to swim, good health status.

Includes: personal and kayak equipment, transportation to the practices, bilingual Instructor (Spanish / English), insurance against accidents, snacks and drink (Photos and videos are FREE) 

Recommendations: things to bring: shorts, shirt, Shoe River, repellent, sunscreen, extra clothes to change yourself at the end of the activity.


During this course you will practice the techniques learned in the basic course for beginners, and will be strengthened in the following areas:

  • Security and rescue.
  • Advanced-techniques and games with the Kayak.
  • Issuance and Exploring new rivers.
  • Reinforces according to specific student needs.
  • Availability: Every day except for peak periods.

Duration: 2 or 3 days ( depend) (6 hours per day).

Location: Rivers Fonce, Mogoticos, Chicamocha and Suarez

Requirements: For this course, students should have ended with good performance the basic level. Having swimming skills, good fitness and health.

Includes: personal and kayak equipment, transportation to the practices, bilingual Instructor (Spanish / English), insurance against accidents, pictures and videos sent by email.


Things to bring:

  • Shorts, shirt, Shoes for the River.
  • Repellent 
  • Blocking
  • Bed Change at the end of the activity
  • Passport copy
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The sport of paragliding offers the chance to realize man's oldest dream and it is a beautiful sport that most people can learn. Bucaramanga, in Colombia, is the perfect place to learn everything about paragliding in a short period of time with qualified instructors and amazing flying sites.


Our goal is to provide all students with the skills and knowledge necessary to practice the art of paragliding to its fullest, and with the utmost concern for safety and good judgment in flight. Few places in the world have as many varied sites and consistent conditions available in such close proximity as Bucaramanga. It is a virtual paragliding paradise.



We offer complete instruction in the basics of free flight with consistent weather conditions. You will learn all kinds of flying and practice everything necessary to fly in any kind of site in the world. The course is 10 days of training and includes dormitory (or upgrade to a private room). Be sure to plan more time for other things like traveling or to continue flying after the course. Equipment can be purchased here for better prices than U.S. or Europe.



 If you are an experienced pilot and want to perfect your flying techniques…"This is the place!!!" We offer excellent instruction for learning to fly in thermic conditions and in different sites. We also can help you to improve your abilities in soaring, launching and top-landing in high winds. We can offer a very personal course for your first XC flights. Price: varies with individual needs. Roughly COP320,000/5-6 hours a day. Call or email us to work out the details. 

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1-OFFER TRAINING COURSES FOR GUIDES white water rafting internationally certified (IRF).

In this course a person acquires the essential knowledge and skills to practice as a competent rafting guide.

Requirements: Must be 16 years old, able to swim, be physically fit and stable health condition.

 Some of the issues that are part of this course are:

1-    SKILLS:

a-    Rafting Techniques: Types of rowing, hydrology, ferry: downstream and upstream, input and output of eddies, fast reading, scouting, sailing fast, and out of the river, portages among others.

b-    Management and crew training: Talk safety, passenger location, paddling techniques, commands, evaluation crew, and motivation, among others.

c-    Emergency and rescue techniques: swim fast, carry or bring swimmers, cross shallow water, rope handling, knots, abseiling, anchors, mechanical feed systems, throw vector, voltage diagonally rollovers rafts, boats caught, trapped persons, among others.

2-    KNOWLEDGE Equipment (use and maintenance), first aid, safety and emergency procedures, theory of rapid, leadership, communication (signals), among others.


This workshop is an examination; to verify that the guide meets the requirements established by the IRF, to award a certification that accredits him as a competent guide internationally for his work as a rafting guide according to the level of certification obtained.

For more information about the requirements for the exams please enter:

If you are interested in any of these courses please contact us, because the dates and places are limited. 




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